Tell your Senator: Protect kids from Instagram

Tell your Senator: Protect kids from Instagram

Thank you for taking action to protect kids from Instagram.

Reports have shown that Instagram has known for years that it’s making body image issues worse for one in three teen girls -- but our newly released research documents how little Instagram has done to stop it. It’s clear they won’t stop harming children until they’re forced to. 

Your email will amp up the pressure on your Senator, so that they know we need them to prioritize laws that protect kids from harm on Instagram. Below is an example of an email you can send, but it will be more powerful if you personalize it. Some personal points you may wish to mention include:

  • Add the town you live in so that know you are a constituent.
  • Explain why this is important to you.
  • Did you see something on Instagram that prompted you to take action today?

Once you have written your email, go to the field that says 'Email Subject' and select the name of your Senator from the drop down list. Once you hit send, it will be sent directly to your Senator's office.