Write Scottish councillors to stop salmon farm devastation

Write Scottish councillors to stop salmon farm devastation

Scotland’s “liciest” salmon corporation is moving in on the pristine isle of Arran, threatening to devastate its wildlife with its latest megafarm.

But you can stop them -- by writing directly to Scottish councillors urging them to reject the farm when they vote later this month.

Your email will be more effective if you write it in your own style, but here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

  • The Scottish Salmon Corporation's planned megafarm will dump as much faecal waste in the sea as a town of up to 66,000 people.
  • In addition to the waste, the clean Firth of Clyde is in danger of contamination from the farm's antibiotics, pesticides and disinfectants (used to control parasite and disease outbreaks).
  • To keep seals from preying on their salmon, the company plans to install 32 acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs) – ear-splitting noise machines that will traumatise local wildlife including otters, whales, porpoises and dolphins.
  • Arran locals are against the farm, and have already formed a 200-person human chain to defend their coastal home.

Thank you for your help! Together, we can drive out the salmon farm and keep Arran wild.