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Workers rights Brexit

Workers rights Brexit

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More uncertainty over Brexit. It's the last thing anyone needs, but the Government is making things worse by refusing to guarantee our rights. 

Workers are given a raft of protections under EU laws. Regulations that ensure jobs are guaranteed during a company merger, the 48 hour working week, and equal employment rights for part time employees are all under threat.

Previously, Ministers have said they would automatically transfer all EU law into British law, but now Theresa May won't commit to incorporating many of these rights. In fact, she was against them when they originally came into force.

And Ministers have already watered down the Government's commitment to replicate EU employment protections, only promising to do so "wherever practical". We need to make a stand to make sure workers' rights aren't put at risk by Brexit.

Theresa May - Guarantee all workers' rights won't be lost by Brexit

When she came into office Theresa May said she would protect employment rights. So far the Government has failed to take serious action on behalf of workers. Tribunal fees have led to 73% fewer unfair dismissal claims, self-employed people are earning less than 20 years ago, and the number of zero hour contracts is skyrocketing.

The Government's upcoming "Great Repeal Bill" will temporarily bring EU regulations into British law so they can be kept or repealed later. So many of our protections on employment, privacy and the environment are included that it will be a hugely complex procedure. 

Yet even now some Brexit-leaning MPs are calling for the process to be sped up, and for a 5 year "sunset clause" to be included in the Bill - this would mean any protections that aren't explicitly agreed after 5 years will automatically disappear.

Big business lobbyists are already pushing for a massive reduction in our employment conditions through Brexit. They may have the money and the access, but MPs and the Government are supposed to represent us. If thousands of ordinary people sign the petition the Prime Minister will have to listen. 

Last month almost 60,000 SumOfUs members signed a petition opposing plans to list foreign workers. Within a few days the Government dropped the policy. Let's stand together once again to ensure all workers are protected for the future. 

All existing employment rights must be automatically applied, regardless of what happens with Brexit

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