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WE DID IT!! After a massive public push last week, Meta and the outsourced company Sama u-turned their attempts to gag the brave whistleblower Daniel Motaung in Kenya! A MASSIVE win.

The SumOfUs team worked hard on getting an open letter drafted, and after an amazing push from our partners, 80+ organisations, jurists, whistleblowers and more from over 20 countries signed it, making news worldwide!

But we didn't stop there! YOU, together with thousands of fellow members, started a massive public outcry by signing petitions and turned to Twitter demanding the companies to STOP the gagging attempts! This immense public pressure resulted in Meta and Sama publicly committing that they won't pursue future gag orders against Daniel!

Tweet from Billy Perrigo, TIME magazine

"I brought this case to win fair conditions for moderators everywhere. I speak about what happened to me not just for me, but for them. I am deeply moved to see trade unions and rights groups around the world join our struggle. Your support is a weight off my shoulders. Thank you. Together, we will see justice done." - Daniel Motaung 

The companies didn't accept defeat gracefully…

In their written statements they played with words to seem like they never tried getting gag orders against Daniel. But court recordings show the companies' lawyers asking the Kenyan judge for precisely this – as TIME reported earlier this month!

Despite Meta's usual strategy of trying to deflect attention from their dubious actions, public pressure and advocacy efforts resulted in this incredible win for whistleblowers and workers everywhere.

Huge day for People Power. We'll keep following Daniel's case, and unite again whenever necessary.


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