Walmart: stop charging women more!

Walmart: stop charging women more!

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Tesco just slashed the price hike that made women’s standard razors twice as expensive as the men’s equivalent. It’s the latest victory in the fight against gender discrimination in product pricing.

But gendered pricing isn’t limited to Tesco. A 2010 Consumer Reports study found that across the board, women paid up to 50% more for products marketed to women than similar products for men. From beauty care products to clothing and even bicycles, women are getting hit with what in effect is a gender surcharge.

Tesco’s announcement is a big win, but it’s only the beginning. It’s a critical moment to put pressure on industry titans like Walmart to follow Tesco’s lead and address gendered price discrimination. Pushing the world’s largest retailer to close the gender price gap could help set a new industry standard.

Tell Walmart to investigate and end gendered price discrimination in its products.

A quick look at Walmart’s online store reveals how pervasive gendered price discrimination still is. A 3 count package of Gillette men’s razors sells for $5.99, while the women’s counterpart -- identical besides being pink -- goes for $6.97.

When you consider the gender pay gap, these price differentials become even more troubling. “We earn less and we’re charged more. How many more times do you want women to be ripped off?” asked Sam Smethers, the chief executive of womens’ rights group Fawcett Society.  

Tesco’s announcement is a testament to the power that consumers have when we come together to oppose sexist pricing. That’s why we need to build on this win by demanding Walmart follow suit and address its own gender price discrimination. Let’s come together and make sure Walmart knows women shoppers are done paying more for the same products.  

Tell Walmart to follow Tesco’s lead and end gendered price discrimination in its products.

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