Walmart: Pay your workers a wage they can live on

Walmart: Pay your workers a wage they can live on

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Just over a year ago, Walmart workers won an unprecedented victory when it forced the retailer giant to raise wages for 1.2 million employees to $10 an hour -- even though the living wage in most states is around twice that.

But then Walmart started cutting hours, punishing workers for their hard-fought victory. Now, the “not bad for a start” $10 wage places some of the nation’s hardest workers in the same predicament: getting not enough money for not enough hours, putting their very survival at risk every single paycheck.

That’s why we’re joining forces with OURWalmart, a group of Walmart workers and allies striving to ensure every associate, regardless of age, race, or gender gets the respect and dignity they deserve.

Walmart: pay your workers fairly! Give them $15 an hour and consistent, full-time hours.

Walmart made almost $15 billion in profit for its shareholders and the Walton family last year -- but it claims it can’t afford to give its sales associates a salary high enough to live on. Even with these mind-boggling profits, Walmart complains its margins are to thin to absorb more wages. Even though one of the key reasons its sales have dropped is because as the world’s largest private employer, its employees can no longer afford to buy the things Walmart sells.

Walmart’s own ads say “A raise in pay raises us all.” Walmart’s low wages keep wages down for everyone -- but as soon as they raise them, even a little bit, other retailers have no choice to follow suit. That means the millions of retail workers across the country will have more buying power, more security and taxes can pay for schools and needed infrastructure rather than the food stamps and welfare many Walmart workers need to make ends meet.

Will you tell Walmart you support a real living wage? $15 an hour and full-time work for all.

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