Vote now: Bezos Needs a Boss

Vote now: Bezos Needs a Boss

Things are going horribly wrong at Amazon… and that's bad news for us all. 

Jeff Bezos is no longer the scrappy entrepreneur selling books online from his garage. He’s the menacing ringleader of a one-man show called Amazon, the richest company in the world. 

From breaking workers dignity with grueling labor at minuscule pay to plotting how to make money off of deporting and detaining children, Bezos is to blame for Amazon’s malpractice. And as CEO and chair of the board he has made sure that no one has the power to stop him. 

Just one misstep: He forgot about us. 

When Amazon shareholders meet at its annual general meeting later this month, they’ll vote on a SumOfUs-backed effort to finally get Bezos a boss and some much needed oversight. And thanks to your pension and mutual funds, you have a seat at the table. 

This should only take a few minutes. Use our tool below to select your country, find your fund, and we'll automatically email your fund manager asking them to vote for our resolution calling on Amazon to appoint an independent board chair. Bezos can't steamroll vulnerable communities to build Amazons brand -- he needs a boss. 

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