Volkswagen: pay the money you owe!

Volkswagen: pay the money you owe!

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Volkswagen’s greed cheated Londoners out of £2.5 million in evaded congestion charge payments.

Volkswagen was exposed for rigging emission testing last year: it fitted its cars with a device to fake cleaner emissions. It was a huge air pollution scandal, and it means Volkswagen cars unscrupulously paid zero congestion charge.

Now, London mayor Sadiq Khan is demanding Volkswagen pays what it owes to the city's transportation system. 

Add my name in support of Sadiq Khan's bill asking Volkswagen for what it owes in evaded emissions tax.

Volkswagen conned thousands of Londoners who bought its “clean” cars. At least 80,000 dirty Volkswagen cars are on our streets. Even now, Volkswagen care so little about air quality it’s only fixed 10% of its engines.

Congestion charge money by law is reinvested in better transport for all of us. Cleaner, low-emission cars are only exempt so to improve the already dangerously polluted air we breathe. Volkswagen’s dishonesty made it dirtier, and did Londoners out of £2.5 million.

There’s a real chance Volkswagen will cave to our collective pressure. It’s a huge, multinational corporation with strong profits. It’s even got a €6.5 billion pot set aside just for squaring off the humiliating emissions-rigging scandal.

London’s a big market for Volkswagen, so if thousands of us issue our own demand along with the city’s elected mayor, Volkswagen’s much more likely to listen.

Sign the petition! Volkswagen: pay the £2.5 million in evaded congestion charge now

SumOfUs was created to harness global consumer power to put people above profit. Picking up corporate abuses, pressuring companies into doing what’s right -- this is what we all do, together. Volkswagen deceived thousands, and our city suffered as a result. It’s right it pays up now.

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