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Vice UK: recognise unions for your journalists!

Vice UK: recognise unions for your journalists!

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Vice is refusing to recognise unions for its journalists in the UK.

The ‘progressive’ digital media outlet likes to talk the talk when it comes to workers’ rights. But when its own journalists tried to unionise, they were told the union would not be recognised.

Vice UK should be leading the industry when it comes to workers’ rights -- not engaging in outdated union-busting tactics. But we can change that. Vice was built on its progressive, edgy reputation. If enough of us speak out, we can show it its reputation is on the line.  

Sign our petition telling Vice UK to recognise the National Union of Journalists!

Like millions of other workers around the world, Vice UK’s journalists want to organise so they can collectively bargain on issues like pay and job security. They say: “We enjoy working at Vice. We appreciate our creative freedom. We also believe organising our workplace is the best way to keep pushing journalistic boundaries while allowing all staff to share in the success of the company.”

But the management blocked the move. It told its workers the NUJ was not used to digital workplaces that “encourage flexibility”. Instead it suggested a “staff association” like the one Rupert Murdoch -- who owns a stake in Vice -- set up at News International.

That’s not good enough. We can’t let digital organisations block unionisation just because they’re digital. Organisations like Vice UK should be leading the way to a new economy in which workers’ rights are respected.

SumOfUs members have taken on several baddies in the new economy. Tens of thousands of us told Amazon to stop its union-busting activities. Vice is using the internet to its advantage -- let’s do the same.

Tell Vice UK to recognise the NUJ!

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