Here's the plan.
We are going to remove popular, political, and economic support for Trump's corporate agenda -- stopping it in its tracks. And we’re going to do it by growing our movement.
From the Civil Rights Movement to the Arab Spring to the Colour revolutions, popular movements have proven their effectiveness.
Political scientist Erica Chenoweth found that no movement with active participation of 3.5% of the population involved has ever failed. Which means our target is 11 million.
11 million
That may seem like a lot, but if everyone recruited just 5 friends to join the movement to end Trump’s corporate coup, we’d be there.
This is how we’ll get started:
Organize locally

We’ll connect with our friends and communities to come together for each other and for our values.
Coordinate nationally

We'll campaign and boycott nationally to pressure politicians and businesses to stand against Trump’s corporate agenda.
Mobilize massively

And rally and non-cooperate on a massive scale until the entire Trump agenda has such little support that it’s dead in its tracks.
And we’ll support you every step of the way

We are prepping webinars, trainings, meeting agenda templates, everything shy of posterboard to help you and your friends build community and find opportunities for you to take action.
So, what are you waiting for?
Let's get started