Upstanders is a new project of Ekō.

Ekō is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. Since 2011 we have supported everyday people to stand up against corporate power and win.

The election of Donald Trump has ushered in a new era of blatant corporate control of our democracy and it’s putting our families, communities and planet risk. We had no choice but to something about it.

We decided to build on our years of reigning in corporate power to rise to the challenge and take a stand against Trump’s corporate agenda -- so we created the Upstander movement.

With the Upstanders movement, Ekō is engaging our membership like never before. For the first time, we're sharing our expertise to help our millions of members connect in-person, run winning campaigns in their communities, and mobilize from the grassroots. Together we will end Trump’s corporate coup, reclaim our power, and stand up for the world we all deserve.

To learn more about Ekō, visit our about page. And to become an Upstander, click here.