Uber: pay your taxes!

Uber: pay your taxes!

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Every single time someone takes a taxi with Uber, Uber dodges tax. 

Uber hides the cash abroad so it doesn’t pay UK tax on it. That means less money for our schools, hospitals, transport and other public services. Meanwhile, Uber’s revenue from taxi rides has ballooned by seven times in just one year.

Here we go again: it’s one rule for the big corporations, and another for the rest of us. But we don't have to accept it. Together, let’s name and shame Uber into paying its taxes with a headline catching petition.

Demand Uber pays its taxes to the UK now, and stop pumping money made here abroad to avoid paying what it owes. 

When someone takes an Uber, Uber makes a commission. Uber’s been quietly funnelling all of that money worldwide to its Dutch company to pay as little tax as it can for years. But money Uber made here should be taxed here. 

Even with commissions being funnelled off, Uber’s UK turnover still doubled last year to £23 million. But it claims it’s nearly all “expenses”, so pays just £411,000 tax. That’s not enough. The whole thing reeks. 

The government has been cutting public services for six long years now. All the while, big companies like Uber plot to avoid tax. Just imagine what that money could be used for -- investing in the NHS, reversing welfare cuts, building social housing and so much else. When Uber dodges tax, it hurts us all. 

Tax dodging multinational corporations might seem like a fact of life, but no company is invulnerable to people power. Last year public pressure forced Amazon to shift sales recorded in Luxembourg to the UK and pay UK tax for the first time. Now we can do the same with Uber together.  

Sign the petition to Uber to stop dodging tax.

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