Uber now must treat its drivers as workers. That means it needs to pay taxes, too.

Uber now must treat its drivers as workers. That means it needs to pay taxes, too.

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A landmark employment court just ruled that Uber has wrongfully classified drivers as “self-employed” in order to evade costs such as a living wage, holiday pay, and health care.

The court found that Uber’s claim that 40,000 UK drivers are each small business owners “faintly ridiculous”. Now that the employee status and rights of drivers has been affirmed, Uber’s tax responsibilities are more clear than ever.

For years, Uber has cheated the system to the detriment of both its drivers and the general public. In 2015, Uber paid only £411,000 in tax from £23.3m in income in the UK. Now that Uber is legally mandated to treat its drivers as employees, it needs to pay its fair share in taxes too.

Tell Uber that with 40,000 new employees, it can't continue to evade taxes.

As soon as the ruling was handed down, Uber announced its plans to appeal. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a landmark win not just for Uber drivers, but for UK society tired of being taken advantage of by Uber’s smooth maneuvering.

When companies like Uber misclassify workers as self-employed, the costs are massive. Research by Citizens Advice estimated these loopholes cost the UK £314m a year in lost tax and employer national insurance contributions. That’s money that should be going to our schools, hospitals, and pensions.

With thousands of Uber drivers now rightfully tapping into social support systems, it’s more important than ever for Uber pays employer national insurance and contributes to the public purse. 

Let’s make sure Uber knows it can't continue to evade its responsibilities towards British society and pay its taxes. 

Tell Uber: It's time to pay your taxes.

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