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Tumble Dryer Fires

Tumble Dryer Fires

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120 firemen spend hours tackling a fire that’s ripped through a tower block. The cause – a faulty Whirlpool tumble dryer.

This is exactly what happened in West London earlier this year. Luckily, residents were evacuated in time but this blaze could have been prevented.

Whirlpool, who also own Hotpoint and Indesit, admitted in 2015 that excess “fluff” could cause fires in their machines.

After a detailed investigation, the London Fire Brigade has concluded the same and demanded an urgent recall notice. It is too late for Whirlpool to prevent the fire in August, but it can act now to minimize future risk.

So far Whirlpool has refused point blank to issue the notice, so we need to increase the pressure. 

Tell Whirlpool it has to issue a recall notice to prevent further fires

Up to five million dryers have the fault in the UK, so families up and down the country are at risk.

The company says it will replace the dryer or send out an engineer if a customer complains, but it isn’t enough. Most people won’t know their dryer is faulty until it’s too late.

Those who have complained have been caught up in an exchange/recall cycle which never gets resolved. As one customer said, “this feels increasingly ridiculous, not to mention dangerous”.

Whirlpool don’t seem to want to listen to the experts at the London Fire Brigade, so ordinary people need to join the call.

Let Whirlpool CEO Jeff Fittig know he has to issue a full recall notice


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