Total: Don't support Arctic drilling!

Total: Don't support Arctic drilling!

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This is pure hypocrisy. Total promised not to drill in the Arctic -- but it’s still buying Arctic oil.

Total promised not to drill in the Arctic, saying the environmental risks of drilling in Arctic waters were just too high. But the oil giant is happy to buy huge cargoes of Arctic oil from other companies that drill there, putting its fragile ecosystems, amazing wildlife and our global climate at risk.

Total wants us to think it’s the ethical face of the oil industry. It’s publicly embraced renewables, supported climate change targets and turned its back on Arctic drilling. Let’s show Total we’re not fooled by its facade. As long as it supports Arctic drilling by buying Arctic oil, there’s nothing ethical about the company.

Total: don’t support Arctic drilling!

The Arctic is one of the planet's last remaining wildernesses. As climate change melts the Arctic ice, oil companies are moving in to extract more of the fossil fuels that caused the melt in the first place. But its severe weather and unpredictable ice floes increase the likelihood of spills. And an oil spill there would be catastrophic for the sensitive Arctic ecosystems -- and next to impossible to clean up.

Despite all of this, Russian Arctic oil production is booming. It is set to almost triple this year from last. And now Total has struck a deal with Russia’s state-owned oil company that will make it the biggest buyer of oil from the company’s Arctic oil field, Prirazlomnoye.

Just recently, Total said: “a part of the world’s fossil fuel resources cannot be developed” if we want to stop climate change. But, behind its green facade, Total quietly supporting Arctic drilling. The company is trying to look good while doing everything possible to protect its bottom line -- in other words, it’s engaged in the worst kind of greenwashing.

We need to make sure Total doesn’t get away with this. And there’s a way. Total is sensitive to public pressure that affects its reputation. If we shout loudly enough about it’s buying of Arctic oil, we can get it to stop buying Arctic oil.

Let’s tell Total to stop buying Arctic oil!

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