This fight is nothing less than the fight for our democracy

This fight is nothing less than the fight for our democracy

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The 2016 election is set to be dominated more by Wall Street, corporations, and secret money than at any time in American history. And that’s without Donald Trump as a candidate.

Billionaires are acquiring more and more control over our elections while low-income people and persons of color are increasingly disenfranchised. The fundamental principle of "one person, one vote" is getting eroded beyond recognition.

But everything is about to change. The recent Democracy Spring protests, in which 1,400 regular Americans were arrested for demanding an end to Big Money in politics, have spurred 100 members of Congress to join the fight.

This is nothing less than the fight for our democracy. Stand up and lend your voice to the Democracy Spring.

The movement is getting bigger. There will be a growing political cost to pay for candidates and politicians who defend corruption. More and more Americans, disgusted at the Kochs, the Trumps, the Exxons and the SuperPACs stealing our elections -- our elections -- are determined to disrupt fundraisers, debates, press conferences and ultimately, their election chances until we get our democracy back.

If there's one reason we're all members of SumOfUs, this is it: corporate money wields a far too much influence on our democracy, but we believe that people power can turn the tide. The Democracy Spring is the real world, on the ground conversion of that belief into action.

Join us as we move America back to the right side of history. Stand with the Democracy Spring.

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