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Theresa May: guarantee EU workers' rights now!

Theresa May: guarantee EU workers' rights now!

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Millions of people in Britain are living in fear of losing their jobs, pensions and homes. 

Since the Brexit vote, EU nationals working here have no idea what’s going to happen to them. They’ve been plunged into uncertainty, afraid of being kicked out or put through bureaucratic hell just to be able to stay in their homes.

Theresa May could guarantee their rights tomorrow if she wants. She could have shown real commitment to 'our friends and allies in Europe' in her speech on Tuesday by proving real reassurance to EU nationals.

But instead Theresa May made the deliberate political choice not to -- to keep people as bargaining chips in her negotiations.
Theresa May: guarantee the rights of EU nationals working and living in Britain now.

Many of these people have lived and worked here for years or decades, calling Britain home. They are our colleagues, neighbours, friends and partners. Some are probably reading this email, just as invested in this country as everyone else. 

And yet their lives are being put on hold so Theresa May can use people as 'negotiating capital'. A top lawyer is already advising people to start collecting utility bills, contracts, and even character references for the day when they have to prove their commitment to Britain.

This could also be the start of a bureaucratic crisis. The application form for permanent residency is a whopping 85 page document. At the current rate it’ll take the government 150 years and a ton of public money to process them all. 

People are afraid that their lives will be torn apart and families fear separation. They're worried that the pensions they've worked hard to save will be worthless as the right to transfer money between European countries is lost. The stress is enormous, and it's just not fair. How long will people be forced to wait, living with a dark cloud over their heads? 

Theresa May doesn’t have to do this. If Britain makes the first move by guaranteeing EU workers rights here, it’ll pressure the EU to do the same for Brits living abroad. Together, we can get her to change tack. 

Sign the petition demanding Theresa May guarantees rights for EU workers in Britain.

When over 58,000 people in our SumOfUs community signed their names against government plans for firms to list foreign workers in Brexit Britain, Theresa May quickly backtracked. If enough of us join in now we can create insurmountable pressure for her to guarantee EU workers’ rights. Let’s stand with those worried about their futures, protect people’s lives and defend our communities. 

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