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The Sun: print a front page apology for inciting hate.

The Sun: print a front page apology for inciting hate.

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Woah. The Sun has just published one of its vilest columns yet.

In his latest toxic rant for the paper, The Sun’s former editor Kelvin MacKenzie wrote that he "could hardly believe his eyes" when “a young lady wearing a hijab” presented Channel 4’s coverage of the attack in Nice. Describing Islam as a “clearly violent religion,” MacKenzie asked: “Was it appropriate for her to be on camera when there had been yet another shocking slaughter by a Muslim?"

The answer, of course, is yes. Fatima Manji is not a terrorist. She’s an award-winning journalist who was reporting on an important story.

What is completely inappropriate though is The Sun’s incitement of religious hatred by suggesting that every Muslim is guilty by association for the devastating attack in Nice.

The media has let us down. Thanks to the toxic climate it’s helped to create, we’re now seeing a shocking rise in hate crimes across the country. Let’s show The Sun that we will hold it accountable for the lies and hate it spews out.

Let’s tell The Sun to print a front page apology for inciting hate.

For decades now, The Sun has been publishing lies and hate with near impunity. After Hillsborough, it published unsubstantiated smears of the Liverpool fans caught up in the disaster -- smears that stuck for decades. Earlier this year, it announced that one in five British Muslims had sympathy for Isis -- which it later had to admit was "significantly misleading". In the run-up to the EU referendum, MacKenzie told millions of readers they “must vote Brexit,” only to change his mind after the vote.

And, as racism and xenophobia rose across the country in the aftermath of Brexit, The Sun was there, cheering it on with headlines like: “Streets full of Polish shops, kids not speaking English… but Union Jacks now flying high again.”

If we want to combat the terrifying increase in racism, we need to hold our media to account when it descends into the gutter. MacKenzie’s disgusting attack on Muslims has already triggered hundreds of complaints to the press watchdog. Let’s build on that momentum and force The Sun to apologise. And not with one paragraph of small print deep inside the paper -- but on the front page, where everyone can see it.  

Tell The Sun to print a front page apology for inciting religious hatred after the Nice attack -- and to apologise for all the lies and hate it’s published in the past.

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