The Bunnings Files: submit feedback

Take action nowclick here to give feedback via the Bunnings website (it's quick and easy to do)

  1. Select "Product Range" from the Support Topics dropdown menu.

  2. Enter your name and email, and select a store from the drop down menu (it doesn't matter which one you choose).

  3. Where is says Product Name, say: Roundup.

  4. Where it says Message, say why you care about this issue and that you'd like for Bunnings to stop stocking toxic glyphosate products like Roundup. Here are some other points you could raise:   

    • Britain's largest home hardware chain, B&Q removed all glyphosate products from their shelves. So did US retailer Costco.

    • Roundup has been the focus of bans in Germany, France, Vietnam, and Belgium. And subject to billions of dollars in lawsuits from cancer victims across the world.

    • Bayer-Monsanto has announced it will stop using the cancer causing chemical glyphosate in its Roundup products sold in the US.

  5. Bunnings ask if you would like a personal reply – ask for a reply via email and forward it to to add to The Bunnings Files!