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Thank Time Out for standing up to racism.

Thank Time Out for standing up to racism.

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Right now, we’re seeing a shocking rise of racism and xenophobia across the country. But one business has stuck its neck out to make sure everybody feels welcome in our biggest city.

Time Out London has published a no-nonsense ‘open letter to the World’, standing up to racism and xenophobia: “We want to be clear: people who were not born in this city are welcome here. Not just Europeans, everyone: no matter what nationality, race, creed, colour or shoe size.”

If we’re going to beat the rising tide of racism, the media has a special responsibility to do better. Many media outlets have contributed to the toxic climate that has helped racism to thrive. Let’s send Time Out an outpouring of love for choosing a different path -- and show other media outlets it’s time they stood up to racism and xenophobia too.

Thank you, Time Out, for standing up to racism.

The Brexit vote has seen a shocking rise in racism and xenophobia across the country. In the days after it happened, there was a 57% increase in reporting of hate crimes compared with the same period last month. There are reports of halal butchers being firebombed, Polish community centres being vandalised and xenophobic cards being pushed through letterboxes. And there have been countless more heartbreaking reports of people being harassed and even attacked on the streets because of their nationality or race.

We can’t let those attacks go unchallenged.

And one of the most powerful ways we can challenge racism and xenophobia right now is to hold our media to account. Experts in the study of hate crime say the rise in post-Brexit hate has been “fuelled and legitimised by politicians and by the media”, who helped to create a “toxic climate”.

That’s why Time Out’s message couldn’t be more important right now:

“Our city has not changed overnight: it remains a place full of people who cherish human beings of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Now and for ever, we see all people as people... So, people of Europe and people of the world: thank you for making our city your home. No, let’s rephrase that: thank you for making YOUR city your home.”

Let’s stand with Time Out, and against the rise of racism and xenophobia.

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