Demand dirty denim execs commit to the Paris Climate Agreement

Demand dirty denim execs commit to the Paris Climate Agreement

Industry insiders have told us that these execs are getting nervous - now we’re doubling down on the pressure by calling these CEOs and demanding they come clean, stop contributing to catastrophic climate change and commit to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Give one of these guys a call and demand they clean up their act today!

Here are the dirtiest targets: 

Manny Chirico, CEO, PVH: Parent company of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger

Steven E. Rendle, CEO, VF: Parent company of Lee and Wrangler
Jay L. Schottenstein, CEO: American Eagle Outfitters
David Kornberg, CEO: Express

The best times to call are between 9.00 - 17.30 EST.

Here is an example of how a conversation could start (or you can just wing it!):

    Hello, I would like to speak to you about your company's deadly environmental impact.

    1) Your company is contributing to catastrophic climate change with massive carbon emissions in your supply chain.

    2) We are demanding you embrace the Paris Climate Agreement & take responsibility for your supply chain pollution.

    3) Air pollution is contributing to the deaths of nearly 6.5 million people every single year and your company has a share in the blame.

    4) Campaigners from have been asking you to make strong climate commitments for the past 5 months, and so far you have refused to respond.

    Thank you for your time. 


    • Be friendly and polite - the person picking up the phone will find it hard to ignore you if you are polite. 
    • Don’t feel like you have to answer any specific questions if you don’t feel comfortable.


      Do I have to be an expert on the textile industry to express my concerns?

      Not at all! We're all impacted by climate change and these CEOs need to hear from you.

      So, who am I calling exactly?

      This quick and easy tool will connect you to one of the CEOs from either PVH (the parent company of Lee and Wrangler), WF (the parent company of Lee and Wrangler), American Eagle Outfitters, or Express so once you're connected, have at 'em!

      What has happened in this fight so far?

      Campaigners from have been in communication with these companies for 5 months, since March 2017, and so far they haven't budged. They've given us no choice, we're asking you to put your foot down and demand these industry leaders stop putting profits over people.

      Where can I see more information about the commitments we’re asking these denim CEOs to make?

      So glad you asked! You can check out the commitments here:

      What if I’m not connected? 

      The line may be busy - sorry about that. Please try calling again. 

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