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Tell The Sun to print a front page apology for its Hillsborough coverage, saying “We’re sorry.”

Tell The Sun to print a front page apology for its Hillsborough coverage, saying “We’re sorry.”

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In 1989, 96 people died in a tragic disaster at Hillsborough football stadium, sending a wave of shock and grief across the country. Just four days later, The Sun printed a front page blaming Liverpool football fans for contributing to the deaths.

Now -- after a 27-year-long battle -- the victims’ families finally have the truth. An inquest has cleared the fans of any fault and found that the victims were unlawfully killed by police failings.

The Sun should be running a front page story saying: “We’re sorry”. But it hasn’t even mentioned the verdict on its front page. Let’s show the Hillsborough victims’ families that we stand with them. Let’s demand that The Sun apologises for its reporting of Hillsborough -- on its front page.

Sign our petition telling The Sun to print a front page saying: “We’re sorry.”

Just two national newspapers failed to put Hillsborough on their front pages the morning after the verdict: The Sun and The Times, both owned by Rupert Murdoch. The Sun relegated Hillsborough to page eight, choosing instead to run a front page story about David Cameron’s aides using WhatsApp.

The Sun’s actions now really matter. After the Hillsborough disaster, the British establishment closed ranks to hide the truth. The Sun, then edited by Kelvin Mackenzie, published unsubstantiated claims from an anonymous policeman, accusing Liverpool fans -- many of whom lost loved ones or were themselves injured in the crush -- of pickpocketing victims, urinating on police officers and beating up those engaged in the rescue.

The narrative stuck. Anne Burkett, who lost her son Peter to the tragedy when he was just 24, calls the story of Hillsborough “a story of deceit and lies, of institutional defensiveness defeating truth and justice."

But the longest inquest in British history has just blown it apart, exonerating the fans and placing the blame firmly at the door of the police. And now that the truth is out, the institutions that were complicit in the peddling of lies need to stand up, acknowledge it in full and apologise to the people whose lives were torn apart by the disaster. Let’s hold The Sun accountable.

Let’s tell The Sun to print a front page apology for its reporting of Hillsborough.

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