Tell Lyft: drivers need proper paid sick leave!

Tell Lyft: drivers need proper paid sick leave!

As more and more people stay home, rideshare giant Lyft is partnering with local governments to have drivers deliver groceries and other critical supplies to kids and seniors in need.

But their vital work exposes drivers to far greater risk than many of us face.

Right now, Lyft will ONLY pay its drivers sick leave if they test positive for coronavirus or their doctor orders them to quarantine. But in many places, tests are in short supply and it's difficult to see a medical professional right now.

So drivers are being forced to choose between their paycheck and their health when taking a single day off means not being able to pay rent or feed their families. That’s a choice no one should have to make.

Use the form below to send an email directly to Lyft's bosses!

We've included a sample message below which you can send -- but it's always more impactful if you quickly compose your own personal message. Here are some points you can use when you write: 

  • Lyft currently offers 14 days sick pay to any driver who tests positive for coronavirus - but we know that in some areas tests are really hard to come by.
  • Lyft's bosses are worth over $1 billion, we are simply asking this wealthy company, as a first step, to pay 80 hours sick leave to any driver who thinks that they might have symptoms of the coronavirus and self-isolates.
  • Lyft promotes itself as an ethical choice, its actions don't match. If they are serious about living their values, then they need to offer proper sick leave during the biggest public health crisis of this generation.