ITV and Channel 4

Tell ITV and Channel 4 to come clean over their gender pay gap

Tell ITV and Channel 4 to come clean over their gender pay gap

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The BBC has just announced its salary details -- and revealed that men are paid over 9% more than women at the broadcaster.

The BBC have pledged to end same-sex interview panels for jobs to help close the gap -- but so far no other broadcasters in the UK have revealed their own figures.

There’s no excuse in 2017 for this level of sexism in salaries -- but unless companies are prepared to be transparent, it’s impossible to make progress towards closing the gap.

ITV and Channel 4 -- publish details of your gender pay gaps.

The BBC’s pay gap is a result of a persistent problem - men being far more likely to get senior jobs compared to women with equivalent qualifications and experience.

The report showed that 59% of staff at the BBC in the lowest four grades are women, while 59% of those in senior roles are men.

But the BBC isn’t unique here -- the gender pay gap exists as a result of sexism in society, and is found in a huge range of different organisations and corporations across the world.

In fact, the average in the UK is twice as high -- at a staggering 18% difference.

That’s why other broadcasters need to come forward and publish their own details -- so they can begin to take steps to close the gap.

When we’ve come together to take a stand before, we’ve been able to stand up against sexist corporations. When Boots engaged in price-gouging over the morning-after pill and blamed women for the hike, SumOfUs members helped force an apology from the company.

Let’s tell Channel 4 and ITV to come clean over their gender pay gap.


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