Tell Shopify: hang up on hate!

Tell Shopify: hang up on hate!

Shopify runs the online store for extreme far-right hate website Breitbart News (A.K.A. Trump News) -- and the profits are funding Breitbart’s planned global expansion.

Thanks to your pressure, Shopify is feeling the heat for its refusal to ditch Breitbart. And with a bit more pressure, we know we can force Shopify to choose basic decency over profits.

Using this tool, you can make a fast and free phone call right to Shopify's headquarters. Calls are powerful and we can tell you: Nothing -- nothing -- beats a phone call. If enough of us reach for our phones and tell a Shopify employee to drop Breitbart now, we know it will have no choice but to ditch Breitbart not be able to ignore us. 

The best times to call are between 9.00 - 17.30 EST.
Here is an example of how a conversation could start (or you can just wing it!):

    Hello, I’m [Your Name], I’m a concerned citizen [or Shopify customer/shareholder] calling from [Your City/Country], and I would like to speak to you about your company's refusal to stop doing business with Breitbart News.

    Over 1,250 companies have stopped doing business with Breitbart and I expect Shopify to do the same. 

    By continuing to do business with Breitbart, you are literally profiting off of a platform for hate speech.

    Your terms of service give you the ability to refuse to do business with companies like Breitbart — and I want to see you adopt a hate speech policy like so many other companies have done in response to this campaign. 


    Companies like Shopify cannot be neutral in the face of rising homophobia, sexism and racism. 

    Thank you for your time. 


    • Be friendly and polite - the person picking up the phone will find it hard to ignore you if you are polite. 
    • Don’t feel like you have to answer any specific questions if you don’t feel comfortable.


      What if they ask who asked me to call? 

      Tell the person that you’re a member of a global organization called SumOfUs, which runs campaigns to keep corporations accountable. Tell them you’re calling as someone who is concerned about Shopify's ongoing business relationship with Shopify

      Do I have to be an expert to call Shopify and express my concerns?

      No! Shopify cares what members of the public think and you don't have to be an expert to let it know you're concerned. 

      What if the person asks me a question you can’t answer? 

      It’s ok to say you don’t know. Or you might want to say that you will research the answer and contact them back with more information. 

      What if I’m not connected? 

      The line may be busy - sorry about that. Please try calling again during office hours.