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Stop the Commission from letting dangerous chemicals slip through regulations!

Stop the Commission from letting dangerous chemicals slip through regulations!

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The European Commission has a plan to regulate dangerous endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The problem? The regulations provide a loophole that’s sure to have pesticide-makers like Monsanto cheering.  

The proposed regulations look tough on the outside. But they make it nearly impossible for scientists to provide sufficient evidence to identify and regulate EDCs. That means we’ll still be exposed to all sorts of harmful chemicals that manage to slip through the regulations.

The good news is that all it takes is a “no” vote from the German government to stop the Commission’s plans in its track. That’s why we’re gathering signatures from across the EU to deliver to deliver to German Federal Minister Hendricks, asking her to stand with concerned citizens to vote against the Commission’s dangerous EDC policy.

Ask Mrs. Hendricks to protect ALL EU consumers from harmful chemicals and vote against the Commission proposal!

We know Monsanto is no stranger to meddling in EU policymaking. Just like when the European Commission doubled down on its attempt to renew a licence for “probably carcinogenic” glyphosate, it’s clear the Commission is putting industry interests over public health yet again.

But the risks are too high to ignore. Thousands of studies have linked EDC exposure -- which interferes with the endocrine system -- to critical health problems like infertility, cancer, and neurological disorders. Meanwhile, the health effects from EDC exposure cost the EU more than 163 billion each year in healthcare expenses and lost productivity.

We need Germany to use its influence to ensure that dangerous EDCs are kept out of our everyday life. We can’t let the Commission pass soft regulations that make it all too easy for corporations like Monsanto to continue with business as usual. Join tens of thousands of members and call on Germany to vote against the Commission proposal!

Federal Minister Hendricks: vote “no” or abstain from the Commission proposal and protect us from dangerous EDC exposure.

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