Stop the Cashless Debit Card!

Stop the Cashless Debit Card!


  • Both Senator Lambie and Senator Patrick voted against the Cashless Debit Card
  • However, the Centre Alliance (Senator Griff and Rebekah Sharkie MP) backflipped at the last moment and voted for an amended version of the legislation which will extend the Cashless Debit Card trial another two years
  • We will continue to oppose the Cashless Debit Card and keep you updated


The Morrison Government's punitive, unnecessary, Cashless Debit Card hangs by a thread. 

It all comes down to the votes of Senator Jacqui Lambie and Senator Rex Patrick. They have the power to stop this Bill and they're making up their minds right now. 

Your voice can make a difference. Email both Senators right now and urge them to vote no on the Cashless Debit Card. 

The most powerful emails are those written in your own words. They don't have to be long but be polite and if you can, be personal. Tell them why this matters to you. If you need, here are some talking points to help get you started:

  • The Cashless Debit Card is unproven. The Government won't release the final evaluation of the trials.
  • It restricts people's basic freedoms
  • It disproportionately targets Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • It punishes and stigmatises people who have turned to our social safety net for support
  • It doesn't improve health or employment outcomes

Write your email now below: