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Stop the Bayer-Monsanto mega merger B

Stop the Bayer-Monsanto mega merger B

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BREAKING NEWS: Bayer wants to buy Monsanto to create one giant, international mega-corporation with total control over nearly everything we eat.

What started out as incredible rumours have just this morning proven to be true -- Bayer has confirmed it wants to merge with Monsanto to create ‘a leading integrated agriculture business’.

If this deal goes ahead it’ll spell disaster for our bees and vulnerable farmers. It'll usher in a new era of sterile crops soaked in cancer-causing pesticides. There is still time to stop it, but we need to act fast.

Tell European and US regulators to stop this ridiculous takeover.

If the deal is successful, it'll make the new corporation the biggest seed maker and pesticide company in the world -- and will have almost total control of the most important aspects of our food supply.

And at the centre of Bayer and Monsanto's corporate agribusiness model is the indiscriminate, widespread use of pesticides linked to the massive global bee die-off.

Together, we were able to help stop the Syngenta-Monsanto merger last year because we showed that a corporation that big would have monopolistic power over farmers and the entire agriculture industry.

This new merger being discussed right now could be even worse.

If enough of us speak out, we can block this merger just like we did the one with Syngenta. Between us, SumOfUS members have made great strides in holding agrichemical giants to account. Over 260 thousand of us have come together to call on a ban of Monsanto’s carcinogenic weedkiller, glyphosate. And it was thanks to SumOfUs members that France moved towards a full ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids.

Once a merger like this goes through, it's often impossible to undo the damage -- we need to act now to nip Bayer’s ambitions in the bud and block the creation of this massive corporate bee-killer.

Tell antitrust regulators to say no to this monster merger and stop Bayer's takeover now.

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