Stop hiding UK revenue in overseas tax havens!

Stop hiding UK revenue in overseas tax havens!

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Google is planning to open a new headquarters building in London, an estimated £1bn investment. But this massive investment doesn’t Google will be paying its fair share to the UK taxman.

Earlier this year, Google settled a dispute with the HRMC and committed to pay £130 million in back taxes. For years, Google has routed its revenue through subsidiaries in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Bermuda to game UK tax laws. This year, Reuters reported that up to 11.7 billion in Google’s global revenue was hidden in Bermudan tax havens.   

We can’t let Google mooch off our infrastructure while ordinary people are left to foot the bill for critical services. Our children’s schools, police, teachers, roads and hospitals -- all depend on corporations like Google living up to their social (and legal) responsibilities.

Tell Google to commit to paying its fair share of taxes on UK revenue.

This year’s settlement doesn’t stop Google from continuing to route billions of UK sales through Ireland to dodge its tax responsibilities. If Google is really setting up shop in London, we need to make sure it stops gaming the system and pays its fair share of taxes.

Following news of the investment, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said the company strives to “be a good citizen in every market we are in and that is true for the UK.” If that’s the case, Google should promise it won’t divert UK revenue through its subsidiary “Google Ireland Holdings,” conveniently located in tax paradise Bermuda.

Google’s tax avoidance is costing the rest of us a fortune. And it’s not the first time we’ve come together to put it to a stop -- in 2014 over 130,000 of us demanded Google pay the $2 billion in taxes it owed to nations across the country. While it’s new HQ will bring new jobs to the UK, we’re still counting on Google to do its share in financing the critical services we all depend on.

Tell Google to stop hiding UK revenue in overseas tax havens!

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