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Stop Murdoch's plan to take over our news!

Stop Murdoch's plan to take over our news!

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Imagine Rupert Murdoch calling the shots at a news-controlling mega-corp, able to beam into 22 million homes. 

Sounds like a sci-fi nightmare, but it could come true -- Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox is poised to snap up Sky. 

Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, can intervene in the public interest. But Murdoch is working behind the scenes so she doesn’t, and she’s got just 10 days from being notified to decide whose side she’s on.  

Together we have to be as powerful and quick as Murdoch if we’re going to stop this news takeover from hell. 

Rupert Murdoch isn’t a fit and proper person to control our news! Sign the petition to Karen Bradley to intervene in his takeover of Sky. 

In the US, Murdoch’s Fox News is controversial for warping reality and pushing a right wing, corporate agenda. Just think what it would be like if Murdoch’s dream of an all-controlling news empire in the UK came true and Fox bought Sky. 

Murdoch’s tried this before. But when his tabloid News of the World was exposed for phone-hacking, thousands of ordinary people spoke out. That forced politicians to turn against Murdoch, and his megalomaniac plans for news control fell apart. 

He’s been biding his time since. Now he thinks we’ve all forgotten about last time, and that he can control our new government -- he recently met Theresa May for a ‘private dinner’. Let’s show him he’s wrong. 

If Karen Bradley acts, the sale will be investigated by the regulator to see if it concentrates too much power in one company, and if Murdoch is a “fit and proper” person to wield it. That could kill Murdoch’s plans once and for all. But we have to combine all our our strength to be as powerful as him. 

Politicians listened to ordinary people when Murdoch pulled this trick last time. But as many of us as possible need to add our names if that’s going to happen again. 

Karen Bradley -- refer Murdoch’s bid to control a news empire for the proper tests.

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