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Stop Monsanto from turning the UK into a haven for GM crops

Stop Monsanto from turning the UK into a haven for GM crops

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This is terrifying. Monsanto sees Brexit as an opportunity to flood the UK with genetically modified crops.

Right now, the sale of GM seeds is banned in the UK. But as we pull out of the EU, our government could end the ban -- and Monsanto is trying to make sure that happens.  

We knew that corporations would waste no time in using Brexit to push their own agendas. And now Monsanto is leading the charge, telling The Times: “The review of policy after Brexit is an opportunity.”

We urgently need to counter Monsanto’s lobbying, and make sure our new laws after Brexit are written for the people and the planet -- and not for corporate interests.

Let’s tell new environment secretary Andrea Leadsom to keep GM seeds out of Britain after Brexit.

More than 70 per cent of our environmental safeguarding legislation comes from the EU. As well as regulating GM crops, EU laws have helped us to fight climate change, control pollution, restrict fracking, protect endangered species and curtail the use of dangerous chemicals.

With Brexit, all of these laws could be scrapped. And corporations are rushing in to try to rebuild Britain’s laws to fit their own profit-driven agendas -- with Monsanto leading the pack.

As a community, we’ve stood up to Monsanto before -- and won. We helped the state of Vermont to fight back when Monsanto tried to bully it into silence. And right now, more than half a million of us are fighting to stop a giant mega-merger between Monsanto and Bayer, which would mean almost everything we eat could be controlled by a single mega-corporation. Now we need to stop the corporation from writing British laws in its own interests.

Andrea Leadsom: don’t let Monsanto turn Britain into a haven for GM crops.

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