Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan and HSBC

Stop bankrolling Exxon’s climate change denial.

Stop bankrolling Exxon’s climate change denial.

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The fossil fuel industry is meeting its match in 2016. Amidst Exxon Mobil’s credit downgrade and climate change fraud allegations, activists and communities across the globe are mobilising this month to stage protests and direct actions challenging Big Oil’s role in our governments and economies.

If you can’t be out in the streets to join the Break Free movement, but are fed up with Big Oil, there’s another way to make your voice heard. We’re jumping at the chance to hit them where it hurts -- their wallets -- by stripping Exxon Mobil of a massive $5 billion loan.

Exxon owes big banks like Bank of America, Citibank and HSBC a 5 billion dollars loan! And it is about to be renewed in August. But if we can push the banks not to renew Exxon’s loan, it’ll be a big blow to its power and influence. And if the banks don't do it, we'll go after them too.

Sign the petition to call on Bank of America and others not to renew Exxon’s $5 billion corporate loan.

If we gave you a full rundown of Exxon’s offences, you’d be reading this email all day. But let’s start with the fact that it has hidden and actively distorted the facts on climate change since at least the 1970s.

Back in 1997, Exxon played a key role in George W. Bush’s decision to reject the Kyoto Protocol agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, Exxon has deep ties in the scientific community, and is a lead sponsor of the American Geophysical Union, a reputable union of scientists whose work Exxon has actively tried to discredit.

Exxon’s been having a tough year. Besides credit downgrades and ongoing lawsuits, we have been getting SumOfUs members to contact their pension funds to ensure Exxon shareholders vote for climate action at Chevron. Likewise, activists at Break Free have been working hard to shut down Exxon events across the globe. But to take down Exxon, we need to do more. That’s why we’re teaming up with Break Free to make Exxon’s bad year even worse by cutting off some of its money supply.

Call on Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC and others not to renew Exxon's $5 billion loan set to mature this August.

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