Starbucks: Stand up against ‘the nation’s worst piece of anti-LGBT legislation.’

Starbucks: Stand up against ‘the nation’s worst piece of anti-LGBT legislation.’

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Mississippi just passed what some critics are calling “the nation’s worst piece of anti-LGBT legislation.” It’s far worse -- and far broader -- than North Carolina’s disgraceful “bathroom bill” or similar laws in Indiana.

This Republican state-by-state strategy to undermine freedoms and liberties hard won by LGTBQ folk across the country is getting bolder. One attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center has said it allows bigoted landlords to evict any two people living together who aren’t married -- or to fire someone based on their sexual orientation.

If we’re going to fight this hateful law, we need everyone on board. Starbucks has proven itself to stand up against other anti-LGBTQ laws and discrimination, and we need it to be loud and proud in Mississippi.

Will you ask Starbucks to publicly denounce new Mississippi’s homophobic and transphobic law?

This law will make it legal to deny marriage licenses, housing, adoption, jobs and even some medical services to anyone simply because of who they are -- as long as you can claim your bigoted views are based in religion or moral conviction. But this is not about faith or personal freedom -- it’s about legalizing discrimination and appealing to the worst in people for political gain.

Make no mistake: this fight is nationwide. Dinosaurs who still want to impose their bigoted views on same-sex couples have realized that they’re losing at the federal level -- so they’re trying to win one state at a time. In North Carolina, over 100 businesses -- including Starbucks -- have already bound together to decry that state’s anti-LGBTQ legislation. Mississippi’s law is much more dangerous than NC’s -- so our response has to be that much bigger.

Let’s get Starbucks on our side. Ask it to show its pride and stand up against hate.

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