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Stamp out tax havens once and for all!

Stamp out tax havens once and for all!

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Tax havens helped spawn President Trump. 

Many ordinary people feel left behind. They think the economy is rigged, and are angry at establishment figures. Tax havens have helped to create social inequalities which in turn breed populist, right wing victories.

That’s what experts are about to tell a major EU inquiry. They’ve got a plan to stamp out tax havens once and for all: curbs on directorships, enforced annual reports, and a publicly searchable database of those making money. 

World leaders of all political stripes could act on tax havens, if they see it’s in their interests. The unfair economic system is undermining them, but we need to speak with one voice to make it clear. Add your name to our world-wide record of people against tax havens:

Our world economy is rigged against ordinary people, and it’s damaging our societies. Show your politicians and world leaders they have to act on tax havens now. 

The Panama Papers scandal exposed what many of us suspected -- that there’s a set of tax rules for the wealthy elite, and another for the rest of us. Trust in politicians, established institutions and the systems that run our lives is eroding, bit by bit. 

It’s fertile ground for divisive, hateful movements which pretend to break the mould. We’ve seen that with Nigel Farage in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France and -- yes -- Donald Trump in the US. 

But this proposed assault against tax havens could go a long way to sorting out a big economic injustice. The enquiry was set up because even then world leaders knew the Panama Papers demanded action. Now it’s time to make sure they follow through. 

It’s for moments like this that SumOfUs exists. After the Panama Papers, tens of thousands of us world wide demanded leaders clamped down on tax havens. Now they see they’ll lose elections, jobs and power from inaction, we’ve got a chance to win this huge fight. But we need our shared campaign to keep going and growing:

Demand world leaders carry out these plans to clamp down on tax havens.

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