Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct

Pay your workers what you owe them

Pay your workers what you owe them

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Sports Direct has been treating its workers like dirt.

An undercover investigation last year exposed the way workers at its warehouse -- known as ‘the gulag’ -- were routinely harangued and intimidated, sacked if they got sick too often and effectively paid less than the legally required minimum wage.

Now we have a chance to make sure they’re treated right.

Under pressure from the media, Sports Direct’s boss, billionaire tycoon Mike Ashley, has entered talks over a deal to pay back the underpaid workers what they’re owed. But, as things stand, the deal will only include the company’s 200 employees -- the 3,000-plus agency workers at the warehouse won’t get a bean.

Sign our petition telling Mike Ashley to pay back all underpaid Sports Direct workers, including his 3,000-plus agency workers.

The Guardian’s investigation into working conditions at the company’s Shirebrook warehouse last December exposed shocking levels of corporate abuse. Workers were routinely treated with contempt -- harangued over a tannoy if they were too slow, banned from wearing 802 clothing brands, constantly under threat of being sacked and heavily penalised if they were one minute late. They were searched every time they left the premises -- but the time spent being searched was unpaid, meaning they got less than the minimum wage for the time they spent at work.

They lived in fear of their employer, in fear of losing their jobs and in fear of speaking out.

But now we can show Mike Ashley that people across the country stand with his workers, and against Sports Direct’s corporate abuse. The only thing that can fight corporate power is people power -- and SumOfUs was created to leverage people power to force corporations to end their worst abuses. Will you take a minute to stand with Sports Direct’s workers?

Mike Ashley: pay your workers what you owe them -- including your agency workers.

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