Send an email to protect Ontario's water from Nestlé's greed

Send an email to protect Ontario's water from Nestlé's greed

Breaking news: just last week, SumOfUs members along with Wellington Water Watchers funded a petition delivery of over 115,000 signatures calling on Premier Wynne to phase out bottled water permits. At the rally, Green Party leader Mike Schreiner was the first major party leader to commit to protecting our water from Nestlé’s greed. 

Every single day Nestlé draws 4.7 million litres of water from Ontario, and is looking to take more. Nestlé’s permits have long since expired -- some of them years ago -- and the current government has been putting off a decision about renewing them.

Insiders in two major parties say that the leaders are still on the fence about making commitments to protecting the water from corporate greed in their elections platforms. With election day fast approaching, party leaders need to hear from Ontarians personally that kicking Nestlé, and the bottled water industry, out of Ontario should be a priority for any incoming government. 

We've got an example of an email you can send to the party leaders, but it's better to write in your own words if you can. After you press send, your email will be sent straight to Premier Kathleen Wynne, NDP leader Andrea Horwath and PC leader Doug Ford. 

This campaign has been created in partnership with Wellington Water Watchers.

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