Send an email to AIG

Send an email to AIG

83,000 amazing SumOfUs members have demanded AIG not insure Adani’s climate-wrecking coal mine.   

But AIG’s still staying silent. We need your help to make AIG take notice.

The mine that coal giant Adani wants to build is so big and so dirty that if completed, it will seal our fate to catastrophic climate change. And it will destroy the Great Barrier Reef. 

But if you help stop coal giant Adani from getting insurance for the mine, we can stop the project in its tracks.

Can you write to AIG telling it to choose the future of our planet over a dirty coal mine? It takes 4 minutes.


  • Personalise! The more personal your email is, the more it will stand out. Feel free to edit the email
  • If you're an AIG customer or shareholder - mention it!
  • Be clear
  • Be brief
  • Be respectful

And if you get a response, please email it to

Photo credit: Wavelength Reef Tours

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