Send a message to stop the Big Oil bailout

Send a message to stop the Big Oil bailout

While people scramble to pay rent and put food on the table during the COVID-19 crisis, our government is considering sinking $15 billion of our money to bailout Big Oil. 

$15 billion could go a long way to prop up our healthcare system, put money in the pockets of families in need and ensure that, coming out of the coronavirus crisis people are getting long-term jobs that create a greener and cleaner future. 

Putting $15 billion into the hands of corporations right now is downright irresponsible and shows people in Canada who the government really cares about -- Big Oil. 

Send a message today to Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau calling for a people's bailout not a corporate welfare. 

It's always more impactful if you send your own message but we've provided some points that you can draw from, or copy and paste into the message. 
Talking points: 
  • You only committed $2 billion to health care but are considering $15 billion to oil companies. We need to put people's live before oil companies' profits
  • People across Canada are out of work and struggling to make ends meet. This money should go to people not corporations
  • The oil industry is a dying industry and this money could be invested in long-term, green energy and create longer term economic value
  • The climate crisis is here and dumping billions into the tar sands only worsens the crisis
  • Climate leaders don't bailout oil companies
  • Bailouts have not proven, historically, to help maintain jobs for average people. The 2008 auto bailout still saw huge losses in jobs and was a waste of money

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