Send a public comment to protect the internet from corporate control

Send a public comment to protect the internet from corporate control

We have just a few days left to influence the laws that govern the internet. It’s a huge opportunity because the Broadcasting and Telecommunications legislation -- written in 1991 before the internet was a household norm -- is currently up for review by the federal government and they are looking for comments from average folks in Canada like you. 

It’s more important than ever to have your say - with telecommunications giants like Bell and Rogers working to gain ever more control over Canada’s internet. We know that your input makes a difference because just last year, SumOfUs members like you stopped Bell’s dangerous censorship plan and helped protect net neutrality. 

Now we can stop Bell and its cronies from ever making dirty plans like that again. If net neutrality is enshrined in law it means that internet users will never be forced to cough up more money to see certain websites or have their browsing controlled by corporations like Bell and Rogers. 

We’ve set up this easy-to-use tool that will send your public comment directly to the review panel to let them know that people in Canada want net neutrality protected by law.

And we have drafted a sample comment for you, but it is always more impactful to write it in your own words. 

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