Send a message to PM Trudeau to save the bees today!

Send a message to PM Trudeau to save the bees today!

Bees need our help -- last year was one of the worst years ever for bee deaths and we know one of the biggest causes: neonic pesticides.

SumOfUs members like your have been working for years to get these deadly pesticides banned and last year we finally got some government action. The Feds announced a ban of the three biggest neonics -- but not for 3 to 5 years! And if we don’t act immediately it might be too little, too late.

Monday is International Bee Day, a perfect time to ramp up the pressure by flooding Trudeau’s inbox with messages calling on an immediate ban to neonic pesticides now.

We've set up this easy-to-use tool that will send a message directly to Prime Minister Trudeau and key decision makers in the Federal government. It only takes a minute. It's way more impactful if you write your own message. Here's a few key talking points:

  • Bees need our help now, they can't wait 3-5 years for the ban to come into place
  • The science is clear that neonic pesticides hurt bees -- we can't continue to ignore the science
  • International Bee Day is the perfect time to act for the bees
  • Canadians want action and the petition of 460,000 signatures we delivered proves that

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