Send a message to protect Ruby Mountain Springs!

Send a message to protect Ruby Mountain Springs!

Thank you for taking action to help Coloradans kick Nestlé to the curb!

Your public comment can tip the scale and get officials to NOT renew Nestlé’s permit. It will only take a few minutes. 

Tips for writing your email:

  • Be respectful and polite. 
  • Two key points you can touch on are: 1) In a time of increased droughts and relentless heatwaves from climate change, governments should be protecting our water supply. Nestle's permit to keep pumping up to 65 million gallons of water a year from Ruby Mountain Springs should be rejected. 2) Nestlé's past actions prove that it can't be trusted to protect water resources. 
  • Thoughtful, personalized messages are more impactful than copy-pasted messages. Some personal points you may wish to mention include:

    • Why you're worried about the future of drinking water supplies in Colorado and around the world 
    • Any personal stories you have about enjoying a Colorado spring or river.

Sample letter:

Dear Greg Felt, Keith Baker, and Rusty Granzella,

I am reaching out to my voice my OPPOSITION to the renewal of Nestlé’s permit to keep pumping water from Ruby Mountain Springs because [your personal reason].

Nestlé is a Swiss multinational with a track record of humanitarian and environmental abuses. In California's San Bernardino National Forest, Nestlé pumped water for three decades using an expired permit, and evidence suggests that the company continues to severely damage groundwater resources. And in Michigan's Osceola township, water advocates say Nestlé’s over-pumping for its Ice Mountain brand has caused streams to run too low for trout to survive. 

Now with Colorado grappling with extreme chronic drought conditions and relentless, near-record heatwaves, the county’s water should not be for sale!

So I urge you to protect Ruby Springs Mountains and NOT renew Nestlé’s permit for another ten years.


[Your name]