SCOR: Fourth largest reinsurer but still no climate action

SCOR: Fourth largest reinsurer but still no climate action

The world’s fourth largest reinsurer, SCOR, has a new CEO and he could be our new climate hero.

After succeeding from his boss who was nineteen years in the job and really didn’t care about climate, the rookie-CEO Laurent Rousseau has a unique opportunity to make his company change course.

In two weeks, Rousseau will host his first Annual General Meeting. It’s a big moment: no doubt he will be eager to make his mark, demonstrate his leadership and impress the judgemental shareholders, analysts and media hacks.

It’s also the right time for people to make sure Rousseau starts with firm climate leadership, by using the AGM to change his company’s toxic and unsustainable ways for good and publish a comprehensive oil and gas policy.

Ahead of the AGM email SCOR’s CEO, tell him to stop his company from fueling the climate crisis and end all ties with new oil and gas projects.

Many reinsures and insurers are ending ties with new oil and gas development. Last week, Allianz — the world’s biggest insurance company — banned coverage of new oil and gas projects. The company was following hot on the heels of reinsurance giants Swiss Re and Hannover Re who had done the same just weeks before. Other insurers like Axa, Zurich, Aviva and Generali are also moving in that direction.

But the Paris-based reinsurance giant, SCOR, has been holding out. It continues to be a climate laggard and delay its oil and gas policy.

That’s why NGOs, including our friends in the Insure Our Future Coalition and at Reclaim Finance, frontline communities, and activist members around the world, are uniting this month ahead of the AGM to call on Laurent Rousseau to show leadership and create a powerful legacy for future generations.

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