Save the California DISCLOSE Act!

Save the California DISCLOSE Act!

We have an incredible opportunity right now to curb the influence of hidden money on our democracy in California.

The California DISCLOSE Act is a landmark piece of legislation that will forever change advertising for ballot measures and electoral PACs in our state. It will will make it much easier to see the sources of the money pouring into California campaigns. But the bill is in danger of dying by neglect -- the California Senate president needs to refer it to the Elections Committee before their meeting next week, and he’s letting it fall by the wayside.

That's where you come in. Use the simple tool below to call Senate President Kevin de Leon in Sacramento and tell him to make sure that the DISCLOSE Act gets to the Elections Committee.

  • When someone picks up, ask them when the DISCLOSE Act will be referred to the Senate Elections Committee.
  • If they say they don't know when the bill will be referred, ask them to please make sure it gets referred to the Elections Committee before their last meeting on the next Wednesday the 12th.
  • Take a minute to explain that Californians deserve to know who is pouring money into their elections.

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About AB 249, the California DISCLOSE Act,, 2017

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