Help Save California's Cap-and-Trade Program

Help Save California's Cap-and-Trade Program

California’s cap-and-trade program is a landmark environmental initiative. It has helped reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by nearly ten million metric tons by making corporations pay for the pollution that they create.

Corporate polluters have already started to dismiss the current cap-and-trade program because it expires in just over two years. But if the legislature extends the program through 2030, polluters will have to buckle down and take it seriously.

This bill is in a tight time crunch. One of the most progressive Democrats in the Assembly has been elected to Congress in Washington D.C. That means that after he’s sworn in next Tuesday, we’ll have one less guaranteed vote to support legislation that puts people over profits. That’s why we’re pushing for cap-and-trade to a vote on Monday - and why we need you to make a call today.

  • You have a unique position of influence since your Assemblymember is one of the Democrats who is least likely to support the bill.
  • Tell them about why you support cap-and-trade legislation. Some reasons might be:
    • Polluters should pay for the damage they do to the environment now, or taxpayers will be forced to pay for it later.
    • Economic incentives to reduce pollution create green-tech jobs that are the future of the economy.
    • Our environment is our greatest long-term investment.
  • Before you hang up, be sure to tell them your name and where you live so that they know you're in the Assemblymember's district.

More information: 

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