Samsung: don't endanger staff and customers again

Samsung: don't endanger staff and customers again

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Overworked, overtired and poorly treated staff -- that’s the dirty secret behind Samsung’s exploding phones.

Samsung were forced into an embarrassing mass recall of its newest model when phones started overheating and exploding. Now we know why: Samsung recklessly rushed development in a desperate effort to beat Apple’s new iPhone.

Samsung didn’t just end up selling life-threatening, exploding phones. It made employees lives hellish with unfair deadlines, causing chaos.

Samsung put profit before people, and it needs to ensure this will never happen again.

Tell Samsung to never endanger customers and employees again. Sign the petition to demand it improves working conditions.

Samsung switched its way of working last year and it boasted it would cut development time by 50%. But Samsung’s obsession to race to get a product to market has come with a huge price tag, hurting workers and literally putting lives on the line.

In the next rush for a new product, this will simply happen again if we don’t come together now. But if we make sure Samsung feels the heat, we can ensure that this won’t happen again.

We stood up to Samsung before. When it failed to pay compensation to workers who had fallen sick or died in its factories, over 120,000 of us came together. But that’s what the SumOfUs community is all about -- working together to fight for people over profits. 

Now we need to join together again to protect staff and customers. And we need to do it now, right when these revelations about Samsung’s recklessness are hitting the news.

Demand Samsung never again desperately overworks its staff. Don’t let it think it can get away with treating people like this.

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