Sainsbury's: taking food off the penguins' table

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Whales. Penguins. Seals. These are just some of the creatures that could be in serious danger if supermarket giant Sainsbury's doesn't stop marketing and selling Antarctic krill oil as a health supplement.

But we can stop this. Sainsbury's isn't the only company that sells krill oil, but it is one of the largest. If we can get major sellers of krill oil like Sainsbury's to stop peddling these supplements, the krill fishing companies will see a big dent in their profits. That could be enough to get industry to rethink the way it operates and we could stop the entire Antarctic marine ecosystem from collapsing.

Sainsbury's cares about its reputation as a socially responsible company -- it prides itself as a leader in environmental sustainability. The supermarket giant has been ignoring our demands so far, but if we can make waves on social media with this video, we could push it to do the right thing and take krill oil off its shelves.