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You've probably heard about the wildfires over the last few years in Indonesia, that burn for months and devastate local communities and wildlife. You may also known these fires are set by farmers who sell to corporations like PepsiCo, who continue to buy irresponsibly sourced palm oil and fuel these fires.

I am a member of an organization that's forcing corporations to use responsible palm oil so these fires can stop. You should check out the amazing work they’ve done in the last three months against PepsiCo, and if you're impressed, you can become a member in a few simple clicks.

I think you'll like SumOfUs because I know you think people and our planet are more important than corporate profits. And palm oil is not the only issue they campaign on - they're fighting for our bees, our democracies, our human rights and our environment.

It’s free to join, and a few times a week you'll get the opportunity to take meaningful action against misbehaving corporations. You can unsubscribe from them at any time.

Click here to check out their work against PepsiCo:

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