Let’s record our very own song together!

Let’s record our very own song together!

In times like these, for a lot of us, the best medicine is music. 

So let’s record our very own song together! Our friends at the non-profit record label We Could Be Music have written a song especially made for SumOfUs members to sing together. 

Click here to listen to the demo!

If all of us record the different parts of the song, We Could Be Music will combine all the different parts and do world-class post-production on it so that we all sound beautiful together -- and then release our song and video on every digital music channel from YouTube to Spotify!

You don’t have to have a great singing voice to be a part of this. If you like to sing, great! You can choose a more challenging vocal part to record. If you don’t like to sing, you can record something as simple as snaps or claps into your computer microphone.

Recording shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes - and to get this done, we need everyone!

Ready to get started? Click here!