RBS: stop closing bank branches!

RBS: stop closing bank branches!

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RBS is turning its back on our poorest communities -- because they’re just not profitable enough.

Across the UK, hundreds of bank branches are being shut down. The closures mean many communities are left with no bank at all: no free ATMs, no access to in-person banking and nowhere to deposit cash. And more than 90% of the closures are happening in our poorer communities.

The worst culprit is RBS, which is owned by us, the British public. Let’s tell RBS that, as a taxpayer-owned bank, it should be working in the public interest -- not ripping the heart out of communities that rely on it.

RBS: serve the public interest, and stop closing bank branches!

While the banks are opening new branches in wealthy parts of London, they’re shutting them down at a rate of knots in the rest of the country. 600 bank branches have been closed down in the past year -- overwhelmingly in poorer areas -- and, in total, 1500 communities have been left without any bank at all. Now experts are predicting that half of Britain's bank branches may disappear in the next five years, and soon in-person banking could be the preserve of the wealthy.

Bank closures are devastating for the communities they affect. They hurt local businesses, make it harder for areas to regenerate and can lock people without internet access out of banking altogether.

And publicly-owned RBS is the worst bank in the UK when it comes to branch closures. Six years ago, it promised it would never close a branch if it was the last bank in town. But last year, RBS closed more branches than any other bank. In all, it’s responsible for one in three branch closures in Britain.

We own RBS. Let’s demand that it works in our interest.

RBS: keep your promise to us -- and keep your branches open!

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