Protect rural towns from bottled water giants

Protect rural towns from bottled water giants

Right now in the state of Victoria a state election is just two months away. Even if Asahi does stop bottling Stanley's water, there is nothing stopping the company from hopping across to the next valley and sending its trucks there.

In fact, it’s already happening. All across the state of Victoria, licenses are being granted to pump up and bottle pristine water and there’s almost nothing communities affected by this can do to stop it.

The only way we can stop corporations indiscriminately mining and bottling water is to change the Water and Planning Acts.

And with your help this is the best opportunity we’ve ever had to do it. If we get can the law changed in Victoria, it will set a powerful precedent all across the country. 

Can you write a message to the Victorian Premier and Water Minister urgently calling for changes to the Water and Planning Acts?

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